Basin 2/3 Collection System Improvements-Dale Ave. Pump Station


Project Title: Basin 2/3 Collection System Improvements – Dale Ave. Pump Station

Project Type: Collection System

Approximate Construction Start & End Dates: October 2019 to September 2021

Project Location:

  • Intersection of Dale Avenue and Norfolk Street

Project Description: 

Map of Dale Avenue project location.The purpose of the Basin 2 & 3 Collection System Upgrade is to improve the ability of the overall wastewater collection system to manage heavy seasonal rainfall to help prevent sewer overflows and meet regulatory requirements. During heavy rains, the wastewater collection system capacity is overwhelmed by the amount of rainwater that enters the system. This causes sewer overflows at locations around the city, such as manholes and at the wastewater treatment plant. These sewer overflows contaminate city streets, creeks, lagoons, beaches, and San Francisco Bay.

Pump stations in the wastewater collection system move wastewater flows from throughout the system to the wastewater treatment plant. Pump stations lift wastewater from low elevations to high elevations so that it can continue flowing by gravity from homes and businesses throughout the city to the plant. Increasing pump station capacity to move wastewater is another way to reduce the risk of sewer system overflows throughout the community.

The Basin 2 & 3 Collection System Upgrade is a combination of several capital improvement projects, including upgrades to and rehabilitation of the Dale Avenue Pump Station and associated piping. Of the 26 pump stations owned and operated by the City, a significant portion of San Mateo’s wastewater passes through the Dale Avenue Pump Station, which conveys wastewater directly to the treatment plant. This pump station has a capacity of 53 to 56 million gallons per day; however, during heavy seasonal rains, flow increases in the system and exceeds existing capacity, which has resulted in sewer overflows in the past.

Because of the volume of wastewater flowing through the Dale Avenue Pump Station, this work is a high priority for minimizing backups in the collection system. The project includes replacing pumps, piping, valves, and other associated elements in the dry well; hydraulic improvements to the wet well; and a new generator. The project also includes improvements to the electrical and instrumentation systems, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, as well as safety and accessibility improvements. Additionally, the project includes replacement of a portion of the force main pipe in the pump station yard.

Environmental and Permitting Documents:

Bay Area Air Quality Management District Permit. Programmatic Environmental Impact Report.

Engineer Firm Name: Stantec

Dale Avenue Pump Station Wet Well