CCTV Inspections and Cleaning


Project Title:  Closed-Circuit TV Inspections and Sewer Line Cleaning

Project Description: 

As part of the Clean Water Program and the Department of Public Works’ routine maintenance of the sewer system, inspection crews will be conducting sewer condition assessments in several neighborhoods. Presidio Systems, Inc. has been hired by the City to clean and inspect sewer mains. Some of these locations include utility easements on private property.

This work helps the City understand how to address aging sewer infrastructure, capacity issues, and sanitary sewer overflows.

Inspections will confirm any needed sewer pipe spot repairs, pipe segment replacements, and rehabilitation at various locations throughout San Mateo.

Affected properties will receive advance notice about the work, and work will be conducted between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Map of Basic C sewer lines for CCTV inspection.

Map of Basic D sewer lines for CCTV inspection.

Map of El Camino Real sewer lines for CCTV inspection.