Environmental Impact/Permitting

The Clean Water Program will have a positive impact on our environment by preventing raw sewage from overflowing into San Francisco Bay. As with most infrastructure improvements there are some temporary nuisance impacts during construction and changes associated with building new facilities. The Programmatic Environmental Impact Report (PEIR) describes the improvements and anticipated impacts that could occur from implementing this program.


Final Programmatic Environmental Impact Report

The City conducted a full review of the Clean Water Program through a Programmatic Environmental Impact Report (PEIR) in 2015/2016.

The Public Works Commission received public comments on the Final PEIR and made a recommendation to the San Mateo City Council regarding certification and adoption of the Final PEIR at the May 11, 2016 Public Works Commission Meeting. A summary of the comments received with responses is available here.

The San Mateo City Council certified and adopted the Final PEIR; approved the Underground Flow Equalization System Alternative (formerly called the In-System Storage Alternative) for the Clean Water Program; and adopted required findings, a statement of overriding considerations, and the mitigation monitoring or reporting program at the June 6, 2016 City Council meeting.

Download the entire Final Programmatic Environmental Impact Report, or just the individual section you are interested in below:

Notice of Availability Final PEIR
Full Final PEIR, released April 2016
Cover, ToC, Acronyms
Executive Summary
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Program Description
Chapter 3 Aesthetics
Chapter 4 Air Quality
Chapter 5 Biological Resources
Chapter 6 Cultural Resources
Chapter 7 Geology and Soils
Chapter 8 Greenhouse Gases
Chapter 9 Hazards and Hazardous Materials
Chapter 10 Hydrology and Water Quality
Chapter 11 Land Use
Chapter 12 Noise
Chapter 13 Population and Housing
Chapter 14 Public Services
Chapter 15 Recreation
Chapter 16 Transportation Traffic
Chapter 17 Utilities
Chapter 18 Other Required California Environmental Quality Act
Chapter 19 Alternatives
Chapter 20 Report Preparation
Appendix A Evaluation of In-System Storage Location Alternatives for the San Mateo Clean Water Program
Appendix B Air Emissions Calculations
Appendix C Special-status Species Tables
Appendix D Wetlands Delineation Report
Appendix E Geologic Units
Appendix F Master Responses, Responses Public Letters, and Public Hearings
Appendix G Changes to Draft Programmatic Environmental Impact Report

Notice of Availability Draft PEIR
Full Draft PEIR, released October 2015


Addendum to the San Mateo Clean Water Program Final Programmatic Environmental Impact Report

Since the certification of the Final PEIR, the detailed design of the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) has progressed.

To evaluate whether the changes to the WWTP (since the certification of the Final PEIR) could require the preparation of a subsequent or supplemental environmental impact report, the more detailed project was compared to the original project evaluated in the Final PEIR. The key changes to the project consist of slightly different locations for the various project components.

Under CEQA, if the criteria requiring the preparation of subsequent or supplemental environmental impact report are not met, then an addendum is considered to be the appropriate document. The purpose of an addendum is to update the analysis in the original EIR when there are minor project changes (in this case, the specific locations of the project components on the site).

Download the Addendum to the Final PEIR below:

Addendum to the San Mateo Clean Water Program Final Programmatic Environmental Impact Report