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C Basin (East Basin) Sewer Rehabilitation

Project Type: 

Sewer Inspection and Cleaning

Project Schedule/Status:

Condition assessments were completed in July 2023. The design process is underway and is expected to continue through Summer 2024.

Project Location:

C Basin covers San Mateo neighborhoods east of Highway 101, including the Shoreview, Harbortown, Mariner’s Isle, Lakeshore and Los Prados neighborhoods (see map).

Project Description

San Mateo’s stormwater and wastewater collection system includes a network of 240 miles of pipeline divided into five major sewer basins. The City’s Public Works Department (PWD) performs thorough condition assessments of the sewer system, tracks the condition of the system, and performs routine maintenance of the pipes.

A condition assessment is the first step toward finding cost-effective and technically feasible fixes to minimize inflow and infiltration. Between November 2022 and July 2023, Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) inspections were conducted for the C Basin project. CCTV inspections involved utilizing a remote-controlled camera to check the condition of approximately 40,000 linear feet of pipe in the public right-of-way, 110,000 linear feet of pipe within easements on private property, and approximately 800 manholes. This enabled the City to identify problem areas in the collection system and plan for future rehabilitation and repair, such as spot repairs, lateral repairs, pipe lining, segment repairs, manhole repairs, etc.

Following the CCTV inspections, the design process has begun and is expected to continue through Summer 2024.

Repairs and replacements are needed to maintain the proper operation of the system, to meet regulatory requirements, and to prevent sewer overflows.

Map of Basin C

Engineer Firm Name and Key Project Contact: 

Engineer Consultant: Schaaf & Wheeler Project Manager, Ben Shick, 707-528-4848
City/CWP Project Manager: Laura Webb, 650-522-7322,