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El Camino Real Sewer Rehabilitation

Project Type: 

Collection System

Approximate Construction Start & End Dates:

December 2020 – January 2022

Project Location:

The project begins at El Camino Real and Barroilhet Avenue and travels south to El Camino Real and 43rd Avenue where it ends. Most of the work will be done along El Camino Real. Additional work will be done on several side streets where the existing sewer pipelines connect at El Camino Real. The work along the side streets will be done in one block segments.

Below is a list of the project side streets where work will be performed:

Barroilhet Avenue
Clark Drive
W. Bellevue Avenue
E. Bellevue Avenue
Poplar Avenue

W. Santa Inez Avenue
E. Santa Inez Avenue
Tilton Avenue
St. Matthews Avenue

Fourth Avenue
Fifth Avenue
Ninth Avenue
12th Avenue

Barneson Avenue
Borel Avenue
20th Avenue
Lodato Avenue

Hillsdale Blvd
37th Avenue
Beresford Court
43rd Avenue

Map of El Camino Real Sewer Pipeline.

Project Status

The El Camino Real Sewer Rehabilitation has been completed.

Updated on May 17, 2022

Project Description

The purpose of the El Camino Real Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project is to repair and rehabilitate existing sewer pipelines and manholes. This project is part of the City of San Mateo’s Annual Sewer Rehab Program for the overall wastewater collection system. 

Improvements to the City’s sewer system will help prevent sewer overflows, as well as help the City comply with regulatory requirements.  During heavy rains, the wastewater collection system capacity is overwhelmed by the amount of rainwater that enters the system through infiltration and inflow. This causes sewer overflows at locations around San Mateo, such as manholes and at the wastewater treatment plant. These overflows contaminate city streets, creeks, lagoons, beaches, and the San Francisco Bay.

This project consists of the rehabilitation or replacement of approximately 9,600 liner feet of sewer pipeline that varies in size from 6-inch to 18-inch.  The project also entails rehabilitation of 79 manholes.  The total construction route is approximately 4.3 miles.  The project will reinforce the system, helping to reduce sewer overflows.

Majority of the work will be in City streets, including some in high-traffic areas. Several different methods of construction, such as open-cut trenching or different trenchless technologies, will be used based on the current conditions of each site and to reduce potential impacts on the public.

Mitigation measures will be in place to minimize the effects of the project on residents, businesses, commuters, and others. Notifications will be sent prior to the start of construction to ensure property owners and occupants are well informed about the project and the construction schedule.