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Underground Flow Equalization System

UFES Newsletter – February 2020

Property Condition Assessments Planned ahead of UFES Construction

Next week, the Clean Water Program will be sending requests for rights of entry to conduct property condition assessments associated with construction of the Underground Flow Equalization System (UFES) Project. The project will be built in the northeast corner of the San Mateo County Event Center parking lot, adjacent to the pond at Bay Meadows Park and along Saratoga Avenue.

During the City’s environmental review of the project, nearby residents expressed concern about physical impacts of the construction on their properties. As a result, the City is offering to complete property condition assessments before, during, and after UFES construction at properties falling within a 500-foot radius from the project site. The condition assessments will help the City and its contractor monitor any physical impacts of UFES construction at these properties.

In order to enter the properties and perform these assessments, the City requires written authorization from the property owners or occupants. Packets with more information, as well as a form to authorize entry and conduct assessments, will be mailed to qualifying properties next week.

More information about the Clean Water Program and the UFES project is available on our UFES page.

Illustration of UFES project site.

UFES Construction begins Summer 2020

In late 2019, the City of San Mateo prequalified a select number of contractors for construction of the Underground Flow Equalization System project (UFES) Project. This project is a major component of the City’s Clean Water Program, which is a series of improvements to the sewer system and wastewater treatment plant.

Contractors were prequalified based on their potential ability to meet construction requirements outlined in the Final Environmental Impact Report, which was approved by the San Mateo City Council in October 2019. The City expects to award the construction contract in spring 2020.

Construction is expected to begin in mid-summer 2020, and the project will be completed in six phases over approximately two years: Site preparation (Phase 1) will include installation of construction fencing and dust control, and equipment will arrive on site. The shoring system (Phase 2) will safely hold the area open during excavation, and groundwater will be removed from inside the shoring system to maintain stability. Once shoring is complete, excavation will begin (Phase 3), and the soil inside the shoring will be removed. During Phase 4, foundation piles will be drilled to support the structure and keep it in place. The concrete base, walls, column, beams, and roof will be built during Phase 5. Once the concrete work is done, site finishing (Phase 6) will begin. A new electrical building will be installed, new landscaping features will be added, and the site will be repaved. The new facility will undergo startup and testing before being brought online.

A diversion system will be built near Saratoga Avenue and Delaware Street. This system will divert excess flows away from the main sewer line and to the UFES structure, preventing overflows.

Approximate UFES construction timeline.

The Clean Water Program thanks everyone for input received throughout the planning process, and looks forward to completion of these upgrades that will benefit the health of our residents, nearby ecosystems, and the San Francisco Bay.

More information about the Clean Water Program and the UFES project is available on our UFES page.