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Underground Flow Equalization System

UFES Newsletter – June 2020

The Latest on the County of San Mateo’s Health Orders

As the County of San Mateo’s COVID-19 Health Order continues to evolve, we follow all guidelines and safety instructions to ensure your infrastructure continues to improve during this time.

UFES Construction Contract Awarded; Work begins this Summer

Photo of UFES project entrance.On May 4, 2020, San Mateo City Council awarded the contract for construction of the Underground Flow Equalization System (UFES) project to Anderson Pacific Engineering Construction, Inc. The UFES project is a major component of the City’s Clean Water Program, which is a series of improvements to the sewer system and wastewater treatment plant. The completed project will include a 5.3 million gallon underground temporary holding structure with self-cleaning mechanisms, continuous odor control facilities, a new diversion system (including diversion sewers, force mains, and other structures), and an above-ground electrical building.

Construction of the UFES facilities at the Event Center site and the diversion sewer pipes in the road are expected to begin this Summer 2020. The City will provide additional details on the UFES schedule as they are finalized, and will continue to communicate with the community prior to starting significant construction activities.

PG&E and AT&T Work to be Conducted at UFES Site in July

Before the City’s construction contractor starts significant construction activities on the UFES project, PG&E must complete a minor conduit relocation on the UFES Site for the PG&E conduit servicing the AT&T tower. Installation of PG&E’s new conduit and wiring at the site is expected to start in July. Additional details on the schedule will be shared as they are finalized. Construction equipment will be used to dig a shallow trench near the Bay Meadows Park fence on the UFES site to accommodate the newly aligned conduit. This work is not part of the UFES project; however, it is necessary to complete the conduit relocation prior to starting the excavation phase of the UFES project later this year.

Property Assessments to be Scheduled

Map of UFES project area.As part of the City’s commitment to residents in Fiesta Gardens and Bay Meadows in conjunction with the Underground Flow Equalization System (UFES) project, the City will be conducting property condition assessments at select properties before, during, and after construction. Properties within a 500-foot radius of the site were sent Right-of-Entry Agreement packets earlier this year. Residents who returned a signed agreement (indicating the required written authorization to perform these assessments) will be contacted by the City and the City’s contractor in the coming weeks to schedule the baseline assessment and to provide additional information.

Virtual UFES Community Meeting

The CWP is planning to host an online Virtual Community Meeting about the UFES Project later this summer.

Details for that meeting, as well as regular updates and project information, will be provided via this newsletter, mailings to the UFES neighbors, and on the project website.

Visit the UFES page for more information, and bookmark the project page to stay up to date on all things related to the UFES project.