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Underground Flow Equalization System

UFES Schedule Update Notification – January 3, 2023

UFES Project Biweekly Updates Moving to Monthly in 2023

As a follower to the City’s UFES-focused newsletter, you have been receiving biweekly schedule updates that provide a general overview of the work planned at the San Mateo County Event Center Site, along S. Delaware Street, and along Saratoga Drive. These biweekly updates are also posted to our project website. Because of the great progress we have made on this project as well as a more predictable schedule expected for the remainder of the work to be completed, we will be changing the frequency of these general updates from biweekly to monthly in 2023.

We will be starting this new frequency in January 2023. You will receive an update on January 9, 2023 which will cover general activities planned through Monday, February 6, 2023. After that, we intend to send monthly updates on the first Monday of every month until the project is completed later in 2023.

We will continue to send alerts via newsletter and text message ahead of work requiring traffic updates, work hour changes, or expected to generate excess noise at the Event Center site.

Don’t miss an alert. Sign up today for FREE text alerts here or text the word UFES to 1-833-321-0231.

For questions or concerns, please contact the UFES hotline at 1-650-522-7250 or email us at

We thank you for your continued patience and cooperation. Visit our UFES page for complete project details.