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Underground Flow Equalization System

UFES Traffic Update – April 24, 2023

Traffic Impact Notification for April 28, 2023 – early May 2023

Ongoing construction work for the UFES project will impact motorists at the intersection of S. Delaware Street and Pacific Blvd. Starting April 28, 2023, for approximately 7-10 days, depending on construction progress, the following traffic modifications will be:

  • Motorists traveling northbound on S. Delaware Street: NO left turns onto Pacific Blvd.
  • Motorists traveling eastbound on Pacific Blvd: NO left turns onto S. Delaware Street.

During the month of May, some turning restrictions for properties in the vicinity of Pacific Blvd/S. Delaware St. will remain in place.

S. Delaware Street:

  • Travel lanes south of the intersection of S. Delaware Street and Saratoga Drive have been reduced to one lane in each direction.

Saratoga Drive:

  • Eastbound lanes are closed to facilitate the construction of the City’s Clean Water Program Underground Flow Equalization System
  • Westbound lanes now facilitate both eastbound and westbound traffic. Eastbound Saratoga from Delaware Street is now open to through traffic.
  • Westbound Saratoga from 28th Avenue has only one lane open to through traffic.

At Event Center Entrance on Saratoga Drive:

  • Traffic light replaced with stop signs.

Traffic patterns will continue to be updated as needed.

Please visit our UFES Project Page for complete project details.

*Construction schedules are subject to change

Stay Connected with the UFES Project

The Clean Water Program’s UFES construction is well underway and we want to keep you informed. The team established multiple information channels for residents and business owners to stay connected.

  • Sign up for construction alerts (text the word UFES to 1-833-321-0231), email us at or call our hotline at 1-650-522-7250.
  • You can also visit our UFES Project Page to see project details and sign up for our e-newsletter. If you don’t want to opt in, but still want information, bookmark the link where we post our updates to the project website.