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Underground Flow Equalization System

UFES Work Hour Update – February 25, 2021

After-Hours Work Approved for March 1, 2021

After-hours work related to the UFES project has been approved by the City of San Mateo for Mar. 1, 2021. Work will include transporting support steel needed for UFES pipeline work across the San Mateo County Event Center parking lot and along Saratoga Dr. This work has been scheduled during the evening to lessen the impact on daytime traffic. Nearby residents may experience some intermittent noise from handling steel, but the contractor will proactively work to minimize the noise. No dust or vibration impacts are expected from this work. Traffic flaggers and pilot cars will be used as needed, and signs will be posted if this work results in additional traffic pattern changes.

For more information, and to subscribe to receive UFES project updates as construction progresses, please visit our UFES page. You can also email, or call the UFES hotline at 1-650-522-7250.

The Latest on the County of San Mateo’s Health Orders

As the County of San Mateo’s COVID-19 Health Order continues to evolve, we follow all guidelines and safety instructions to ensure your infrastructure continues to improve during this time. Increased traffic and activity at the San Mateo County Event Center is expected now through the summer. Traffic patterns are expected to change over the coming weeks and could change suddenly. Please follow all directional street-level signage.

For more information about the area traffic congestion, go to: San Mateo, CA – Official Website (