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Newsletter – October 13, 2020

Wastewater Treatment Plant Project Update

Photo of WWTP constructionWe are now well into Phase 2 of the upgrade and expansion of our wastewater treatment plant on Detroit Drive, which involves the foundation for the new structure and will require the installation of approximately 2,000 piles Phase 2 began in June; work in this phase is expected to occur over 18 months. The total expected time to drive all the piles is about eight and a half months. The first stage of pile driving is expected to take six months and we are now approximately 50 percent complete!. The second stage of pile driving is expected to take two and a half months and is anticipated to begin six months after the first stage of piling driving is completed.

Phase 3 activities began in October 2020 and will overlap with ongoing Phase 2 pile driving activities. Phase 3 is the last of the three construction phases and includes building the new treatment structures and an Administration Building for the facility. Phase 3 construction is anticipated to be complete in Summer 2024.

You can watch the new buildings come to life via live camera feeds on our WWTP page

Watch it build, view live construction cams on our new wastewater treatment plant.

UFES Site Preparation Began in August; How to Stay Informed

Construction on the Underground Flow Equalization System (UFES) Project is under way, and the Clean Water Program is planning a virtual community meeting to keep you informed of the details.

You don’t need to wait for the meeting to get informed. As part of our commitment to the community living and working near the UFES Project, the Clean Water Program has established new ways to share project updates: an ongoing newsletter, a dedicated UFES hotline, and a SMS text alert service.

  1. Bookmark our UFES page and click on Sign up for Newsletter.
  2. The UFES hotline (1-650-522-7250) is separate from our main CWP hotline number and is now active. This number was established so that UFES-specific questions and concerns can be responded to as quickly as possible. This number is answered directly by a member of our construction and project management team and is not routed through a call center. While our staff is committed to answering this hotline day and night, please consider the urgency of your need when calling, and call during business hours if possible. As always, if you observe a true emergency, please call 911.
  3. The SMS text alert service is a one-way notification system established to provide our community with timely notifications about time-sensitive or unanticipated UFES construction news. Examples of when text alerts may be sent include an unexpected change in work hours or a temporary traffic detour. If you would like to receive UFES text alerts, sign up by visiting our UFES page under “Quick Links,” or text the word UFES to 1-800-CWP-UFES (1-800-297-8337). Standard message and data rates may apply.

We hope that these new services help keep you up to date and informed about UFES construction details.

Basin D Sewer Rehabilitation

Map of Basin DWork within Basin D, which includes areas south of State Route 92 and southwest of US Highway 101, with a portion extending to the north side of SR 92 (see map), began in September 2019 and is almost complete. Upgrades and rehabilitation of Basin D will ensure proper sewer operation and reduce infiltration and inflow that can lead to sanitary sewer overflows.

Work is expected to be complete in 2020.

For more information, please visit our Basin D page or contact Project Manager Sarah Pham at 312-375-0502 or

Laurie Meadows and Woodbridge Pump Stations Near Complete

Map of Laurie Meadows project area.Work along Laurie Meadows Drive, from 300 feet west of Suzie Street through about 100 feet north on Woodbridge Circle (see map), began in October 2019 and is almost complete. Upgrade and rehabilitation of the Woodbridge pump station in Laurie Meadows Park will increase its capacity and reduce potential sewer overflows during storms.

Abandonment of the existing Laurie Meadows pump station has been completed except for Pacific Gas and Electric wire removal. The work on the Woodbridge pump station is almost complete All roadway and pipeline work on Laurie Meadows Drive and Woodbridge Circle is complete, including final paving and striping.

All work is scheduled to be completed this fall.

For more information, please visit our Laurie Meadows page or contact project manager Laura Webb, 650-522-7322 or

Dale Avenue Pump Station and Force Main Improvements

The Dale Avenue Pump Station and its nearby force mains are under construction to replace aging equipment and improve the wastewater collection system. These improvements will enable the City to better manage flows during storms, reduce sewer overflows, and meet regulatory requirements.

Work is expected to be complete by fall 2021.

For more information, please visit our Dale Avenue PS page or contact project manager Ben Wright, 415-205-5731 or

El Camino Real Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project

Construction of the El Camino Real Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project will begin in November 2020. This Project is part of the City of San Mateo’s Annual Sewer Rehabilitation Program for the overall wastewater collection system. Improvements to the City’s sewer system will help prevent sewer overflows, as well as help the City comply with regulatory requirements.

The total construction route is approximately 4.3 miles. This Project consists of the rehabilitation or replacement of sewer pipeline that varies in size from 6-inch to 18-inch diameter and manholes. The work will be performed at multiple sites within the City streets, including some in high-traffic areas. These improvements will help reduce sewer overflows.

Mitigation measures will be in place to minimize the effects of the Project on residents, businesses, commuters and others. Notifications will be sent before the start of construction to ensure property owners and occupants are well informed about the Project and the construction schedule.

For more information, please visit our El Camino Real page or contact Project Manager Sarah Pham at 312-375-0502 or

The Latest on the County of San Mateo’s Health Advisories

As the countywide health advisories during COVID-19 continue to evolve, we follow all guidelines and safety instructions to ensure your infrastructure continues to improve during this time.